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Red and black gelatinized maca (maca Premium)

Maca gelatinized black and red (100 caps-800 mg). Ideal for people with attention deficit and vitality pr

Amazon Green

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Red and black organic Premium 800 mgmaca

Andean macaBalanced mixture of Red maca and black maca's high quality made with a gelatinization process (PREMIUM quality maca: among the Maca is gelatinized maca).

Gelatinization, guarantees a higher digestibility, solubility and bioavailability (capacity that all its nutrients and active ingredients are usable by the body) in respect of raw maca flour used by other brands.

Its production is certified as organic quality by Union Control and Skal international (International certifiers). It is a unique maca. It is enriched with extract of maca hydrolyzed by enzymes, which gives it a higher bioavailability. It is enriched with extract of Maca.

What is organic maca?

Organic maca that contains hydrolyzed by enzymes grows at extreme altitudes of between 3500 - 4500 meters above the mountain range of the Andes of Peru (Junín). Area where only a few herbs and Andean tubers can survive. Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Maca root has been used for at least 4,500 years by the indigenous people of the region such as nutrient and energizing. 

Black maca - Effects attributed

  • Increases productivity by preventing fatigue and stress, as well as improvement in concentration, alertness and mood state
  • Increases physical endurance delaying fatigue
  • Improves memory and learning
  • Increases sperm count, improving male fertility

Red maca - Effects attributed 

  • Significantly reduce the size of the prostate on benign prostatic hyperplasia induced with testosterone
  • Combat osteoporosis
  • It acts as ant inflammatory both in men and women
  • Decreases the scores of depression, stress and anxiety

Andean maca—Other names

Lepidium peruvianun G. Chacon, Maca-maca, Maino, Ayak chichira, Ayak willku Andean Maca, maca of the Peru...

Andean maca—The product :

Maca is a supplement rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

The root of the Andean Maca has been used for more than 3,600 years by various villages in the area of the Peruvian highlands in order to get energy, vitality, and above all, it has been very appreciated for its value to treat infertilityand to increase libido naturally

 Andean organic gelatinized maca is the highest quality that can be obtained from maca, gelatinization, is a process that divides and breaks the chains of starch contents in maca.

Amazon Green red and black maca is processed in a modern production facility, following the strict standards of international quality (organic and HACCP, BPM). As a result, a more concentrated product and much more bio-available is obtained (most assimilated by the cells of the body). It is a more digestible and soluble maca than raw maca flour that is usually found in the trade today. In addition, it keeps all its natural active ingredients unchanged.

In the making of this type of maca, the best quality bulbs are used. Crop roots are 100% organic and selected by hand. Maca is certified by Control Union and Skål international.

This maca is cultivated by APROMACA-E-JUNÍN at extreme altitudes of 3500 - 4500 meters of altitude. 

Natural Maca comes in three types: Andean maca

  • Red maca
  • Black maca
  • Yellow or normal maca

Amazon Green Gelatinized maca is a formula that uses only the red and dark purple varieties (black), which are the ones that stand out for its astonishing nutraceutical properties. 

Dietary supplement manufactured in Spain (EU). Variety Lepidium Peruvianun Chacon.

The product is enriched with maca extract hydrolyzed by enzymes (rapid systemic absorption).

Maca unique on the market with extract hydrolyzed by enzymes obtained using innovative technology combining processes of enzymatic hydrolysis, water extraction and solvent organic hydrolysis, maximum extraction of bioactive compounds (glucocinolatos, macainas, phenolic, Phytoestrogens and minerals), conferring the produce its unique quality guaranteed.

Gelatinized maca - Advantages vs raw maca flour

  • Improved dissolution in water (soluble)
  • Gelatinization process increases the digestibility of the same and that is reflected in the high rate of gelatinization present (97% on average)
  • The person who consumes it absorbs a higher percentage of nutrients present in the product since this powder is significantly much more digestible than raw maca flour
  • Gelatinization is a controlled process of disinfection and cooking in order to obtain a low level of humidity (8% approx.) preserving all its natural properties

Maca - specifications

Phytonutrient content: calcium, potassium, trace elements, alkaloids, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, proteins, carbohydrates, manganese, maltose.

Andean maca gelatinized Premium 800 mg/100 capsules

With extract of Maca hydrolyzed by enzymes

NET content: 100 vegetable capsules of 800 mg

Suitable for vegans. Completely free of preservatives, sugar, alcohol, gluten, lactose, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Product registered in Brussels (Belgium).

Patented formula. Manufactured in Spain (EU), under industrial parameters in matters of food safety (ISO 22000), and application of cutting-edge technology.


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